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Saturday, April 03, 2004

so hepi... :) hd oral jus now.. at ferst i wus so tensed up n eythg.. summore gt mdm rugayah.. so wus waitin fer like an hr bfore my turn... tts e most annoyg part man! e longer u wait d more afraid u bcum... frankly, i wus so sleepy jus now.. bt cudnt sleep cus i wus so tensed up... wen my turn wus up, put on a chilled face... bt actuali i wus trembling like a leaf... n onli god knew how i felt! so read smoothyly.. surprisingly she sed "gud, tt wus very fluent.." n even askd me whthr ive been an emcee bfore? i wus like god, she mus b kiddin man.. me an emcee? bt im kinda hepi wif d positive feedback fm her.. n tt oso mean i hv a high chance of gettin high marks! yay!** ok so after oral went to toa payoh to accompani sakinah.. she wans to cut her hair.. her new hair is greaat! den went to compass point to get sth... so gt back home alone all d way fm sengkang.. imagine tt? wus so sleepy in d bus... jus now, my mum n granny tok-ed abt guys... yea guys... my granny wus askin whthr i wus attchd n stuff.. den tok-ed abt guys wif bikes n bla3.. came in as a shock man.. wth were dey tokin bout guys n tryin to matchmake me n stuff? weird! bt tmrw, gota go to a wedding ceremony.. dun feel like goin man! bt mum tld me nnti byk mat2 motor! waaah! den no doubt on me goin.. heheh! even my mum recommended me to lookout fer em'.. a 'wow' factor... ;)

nur at 8:13 PM
Friday, April 02, 2004

finally, get to blog.. been bz dis past few days.. jus now wus d funniest day i ever hd! i wus laughin my head off man! til i hd sore throat.. damn weiching! he wus d cause of it all... started rite after skewl... he pole-danced n blockd off ppl's way... d pole-dancing wus like d funniest thg ever... he teased a clasmate of mine as well.. tt wus wat happnd today...
dis pas few days, havent been feelin gud.. dunoe y... how time flys.. tmrw's da weekend alredy... n tt oso means we're nearing to da 'o' levels... my maths is as fuck'd up as ever.. duh!? science.. no better... wats more wif mr tan teachin phys... life's a disaster.. who ever cn actuali pay attntion to him n digest off his teaching? he toks to himslf n uses tt fuckin mic of his.. ive been sleepin, daydreamin, eatin, talkin bt payin attention drg his class... like who d hell wud even giv a damn? bt yea.. d 'o' levels is bringin me shivers.. how m i to get thru it wen im so weak in tt fuckin mths n sc?... arghh! n ders eng oral tmrw.. :( o man!.. n im gettin mdm rogayah man!.. her eng is like sooo powerful n she even uses words tt moz dunoe.. cn i even pass? lady luck hasnt been on my side lately... has she?

nur at 9:38 PM
Thursday, April 01, 2004

sadsadsad...juz now after i heard sumting,my happy mood turns 2 b a sadsadsadsad,unhappy mood..felt lyk cryin man..(dis is no joke ok..)my heart has been broken again (u) i juz wan dis pain to goo...s000..bck to my happy mood juz now..it was fun in sch,i had so much fun playin trick on ppl bt now i juz wanna say im sorri from the bottom of my heart to those i had played tricks on..its juz my way of rememberin u ppl ;)eza...i pity u man,kener rabak sey.7 times kana fooled dats mean dey remembered u :) hahahahaha..the frustratin ting was dat,in class i was sittin at my seat..den one of my classmate pulled my hair,n i felt down..bt it wasnt a full impact coz he supported me..hahahaha so embarassin sia..bt ir not..i would have fall down wif my chair!!!and nuraini bley lagik ketawer kekek2 kat sebelah!!hahaha..k ar..im oso not feelin dat well..wanna rest.cya..take care..*sakinaH

nur at 8:10 PM
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

2daY was such a memorable day 4 me..2 u nuraini n eza..HAHAHA,ku tak leh angkat babe.ketawer tak leh control!!2day i kener kan nuraini gan eza,kener rabak giler sey..my plan was..in sch juz now i didnt tok to anione of dem ku diam terus sampai nak balik..den i change my nick in msn tinkin dat im goin away n sayin im sorri lah n asked dem to take care.skali at nite eza called me tanyer 'y wats wrong gan me? am i sick? i say im not feelin well ar im sori 2 make dem worry den aku terus terang it was juz a joke..MAK OI!!ketawer kuat2 sampaikan my mum ketuk pintu bilik seyy..bt serious ar im sorri to the both of u dat i've made u worry sosooo much..n to 'u' im sori 2 if i kener kan u jugak..memang juz now i dun feel dat well,i noe i made u worry i noe n i can kinda feel dat ure sumhow angry..i am rellii sooo soorriii..n nuraini,im touched by wat u send to me..(the email)tanx so much..u didnt do anithing actually so no need to say sorri k? i understand wat ure feelin rite now...wat r frenz 4..n eza im sorii 2 tau i made u worry,,hehehehehehe;P *saKInah

nur at 10:07 PM
Tuesday, March 30, 2004

hmm..2day mandi HUjan!!fUUyOHH..basah kuyup,beg pon basah..haha bt i mandi hujan bcoz of sumting dats it meaningful to me,dun wanna aniting bad to happen..no regrets(i swear) sooo 2day was kinda boring at 1st,ader PE so kener run 2 rounds bt me gan nuraini run 1 round onli..kEkEKE heck caRe ar!!shuttle run oso we didnt run..hEheE den got SS lesson,it was ok lah not dat borin..after dat got 2 free perIOd coz ms sUltanah tak dTg HOOraYY!! den dnT class,me nuraini n namira were laughin non stop..gilER punyer oRG!!kecoh!!one cannot stop laughin sampai kan terpijak nuraini's leg..hahaha sori eh gerl..tak sengajer ;) hahaha cannot stop laughin sia!!den after skool got maths..we thought math lesson starts at 2.45 skali at 2.30 saw sum lights n fan on..den ader org kat dlm..kANCIONG SEY!! reached the class smua org dah ader expect us..den wei kaI can joke summore sayin 'oh we took the test already u noe' lagik terperanjat sey!!sampai kan nak nangis :( hahaha bt den it was onli a joke. the test starts few min later..can say it was difficult..bacer smua doa sebelum hand in..hope i pass dis test :( after dat go meet sumone,it was onli 4 awhile..so sad sey,bt wad to do? i understand..:) hope 2 meet u again sooner.............*sakInah

nur at 6:42 PM
Monday, March 29, 2004

aLoha..juz finish mamam,YUmmY!!hehe so...2day kinda tired,reached home at 7pm so stuffy n sticky coz derz alot of ppl in the bus!!i juz hate it wen its peak hours!!:@ bt still it is filled wif gooDtimes..me nuraini n eza wen to take the developed pics near nuraini's house took dunnoe wat bus,,terluper,hehe n der i didnt noe dat sumone saw us.. uat malu jer hahaha(if dat person is readin dis..hehe)den bought myojo noodles from 7eleven..it was my first time,funny sey!!we ate somwhere in singapore wic cant be told(malu ar!!)haha the noodles was so hot n spicy,sampaikan smua perspired FFuuuYOooHH!!n i was sO full aFterdat..deN we wen bck 2 scH coz ader aRT!!daMN it ar!!boring giler!!bt did sum activities..patah balik2x gi minum air,,haus!!hehehe..den art i kener go down 2 the instrutor's van to take the tool box..it was kinda heavy..me gan nuraini struggle sey,nak angkat..den at the staIrs terserempak dgn lelaki2(dua org jer)bkan nak tlg,leh uat bodoh lagik!!!ish!!n as usuall the lesson in class..BORIN!!leh tdo sey!! hope 2moro is not dat bad as 2day..;) k ar dats all 4 now..2 b continued..2moro..hehehehe ;P gdnite!! ***saKINah..

nur at 8:29 PM

argh! so worn out... wus reli a tirin day fer me... woke up late in d morning.. hd to rush... ate my b/fast quickly.. bt i missed a bus or 2... sorie syaz! hd to sit at e quadrangle alone! cus sakinah hd duty... urgh! tt suckd... in skewl, lessons r boring as usual... den sum1 med me hepi... no elated!.. med my day!... den wen crazy fer a while.. luffin to myslf.. sorie if i wus irritating, sakinah! :).. n der wus a bit of a commtion jus now... miscommunciation... spposingly hd to go fer check-up bt den i tink dey gt e wrg msg or sth... e xtended classes were cancelled jus now... insted headed to d shop at bdk res to collect d developd photos... den der wus art!... how nice to start end d day off... at art, still werkin on d damn sculpture! gt sick of it man! o well!... n yea der were sepak takraw matches.. wanted to c it, bt released d idea off... wonder if der wus sum cute guys?! heheh... den reached home at 6:15... d bus wus packed... duh?! peak hours... im kinda pissed off wif sum1 rite now... o well... wt is life w/out all dis sickening ppl? dey sumhow 'spice' up ur life... yea wus blog-hoppin jus now... read sum1's blog.. it wus sooo touchin... i seriusly ddnt noe tt she hd such dreams... shes kinda close to me... bt who wud hv xpected tt she hd such big dreams? n im proud of her... n sumhow i envy her... she manages her time well... her schedule's very tite! a bz person... filled up wif activities rite up till sunday... hei.. guess tts all yea.. so till den tc.. ;)

nur at 8:13 PM
Sunday, March 28, 2004

hEeLo..maN todaY was awfUl!!:'( cried lyK 1 hOur nOn stoP coZ of sUm faMIly pRobs..mY eyes wAs so Red wen I g0 2 e moSque..embaRassIn man!! deY weRE lOokin aT me lYK..wats the hell sEy? tAk angIn tak reBut mater merAh(dats wat i tink ar)..hahaha bt i waS cheeRed up bY my gOdBro..tanx man!!stIll im hUrt..(u) bOhhOOHoo..n oso!!weN im abOut to takE the bus..i RemembEReD daT dUit daH bis!!so I was lYk uaT muker pAtheTic kaT the apeK driVer saYin,,'oH unCle..im Sori i hAv nO moRe monEY'n hE acTUally sed Nvrmd..waH tanK god!!;)..suSpen siKit..haHAHA!!!so basIcly lYk normaL every suNdaY kener bangun kul 6.45am..mandi,siap den gi madrasa..gi saner blajar gan cuci mater..sambil2 org katerkan..hahaha..jkjkjk of coz lah kner concentrate kan..n e fuNNies ting is dat ilER saMpai kat clAss..senyap sey..untill ustazah masok..mak oi!!bising!!den gOt dis gUy in my class,dtg gan plaster kat the neck..conform ar lUvbite..mukEr dier dah Lah paLyboII,iler org tanyer..sTep malu2 pulak..haHaha k ar basiCly dats all..wannA eaTT!!yuMMy!!...SakinaH

nur at 8:30 PM

heHehe...bTw the PrevIous blOg is wRitteN bY me..saKINAh!!

nur at 8:26 PM

yeS ar!!at last sey!!lyk nUraIni seD, we diD haV prObs saMpAi tDo kuL 1 paGI..hAha bt Its worTh It riTe?haHa ;) aLl Tanxz to ASmaH!!luV u ar!!...hMMm wat Else to say?? dunnoe lehz, jUz dat sinCe iT is oUr 1st time..we hOPe To haV ur opinions BoUt diZN we"ll do ouR besT to maKe it niCEr!!;)

nur at 8:15 PM

finally! e blog is ready!! hd a few probs back then... luckily asmah came to d rescue! yay! so i owe it a lot to her... thnx soo much man! so yea back here... hmm... i dunoe how d hell we suddenly got d idea of havin a blog... it wus of a sudden urge to... den decided to share it wif my bestest pal... sakinah!!... here, u'd b xpected to c bth diff p.o.v med by e bth of us... in order nt to make it confusin, we wud sign off our name at d end of an entry... so u will now who wrote it... so wat do u guys tink abt it? any suggestions? jus tag it in!... yea... i'd b uploadin pics... n bla3... so yea jus wait for em all...

nur at 6:25 PM